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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

World's First: Non-profit luxury eco-resort announced

January 14, 2009– (Atlanta, GA) The Cacao Pearl, Palawan: the world's first non-profit and luxury eco-resort community to commit 100 per cent of operating profits to environmental protection and social improvements will be built on a 124 acre private island in the Calamianes archipelago, at the northernmost tip of the Palawan Biosphere Reserve in the Philippines.

The Cacao Pearl will occupy an entire private island, with 124 acres of lush rainforest and towering coconut trees fringed with over a mile of pristine beaches, according to its operator, Cacao Resorts. This new approach to resort-communities is nestled within the eco-tourism destination of Palawan - Philippines, a stunning eco preservation area within sailing distance of two UNESCO World heritage sites & four marine reserves. The Cacao Pearl is an eco-chic low-density boutique resort concept promising sustainable development and sustainable enjoyment — designer homes with zero carbon cost, 5 stars service, an infinity pool, wreck & reef diving, a secluded destination spa, organic gardens & bar, restaurant, private media rooms and enough delicious design details to delight the most discerning guest.

"Forget old luxury, welcome green luxury!" said Joel Cere, CEO of Cacao Resorts." Cacao Resorts is offering eco-aware urban escapees the luxury of private island home ownership with the launch of a truly guilt-free investment: The Cacao Pearl, Palawan." "In a world of homogenous, over-developed concrete destinations, disinterested developers, fake themes and over-priced mini-bars, token green gestures and disenfranchised communities, Cacao Resorts provide an authentic experience for the grown-up backpacker, a guilt-free option for the traveler with conscience, a breath of fresh tropical air for sophisticated urban escapees."

Cacao Resorts operates a "greenprint" for operations and, with development partners Barefoot Investments and Abode Management, benefit from sustainable construction methods employed, ethical management practice observed, and ecologically responsible operations as standard. That means 100% renewable energy, and for the first time in the hospitality industry, 100% of the resort's net operating profits will be used to support local environmental and social programs. You can now own a truly chic eco-home with a conscience and investment-grade security.

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