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a passionate account from a South Florida award-wining interior designer who is blessed to celebrate her 20th year anniversary of designing "interiors that lift your spirit™"
Welcome! The search is finally over. That perfect marriage of understanding without words:one look, one image, a breathtaking view... Someone who will know how to interpret her client's wishes by listening to all the unsaid words, seeing the cues, perceiving the feelings with a simple gaze.
I am the lucky designer who will get to go into the personal spaces in your life, your office or home. That place you call your own, where you can be you. Your surroundings matter to me, my passion is to let the best of you shine through the space you occupy. No antiseptic rooms, catalog photo-shoot ready, rather the elegant comfort of a back porch at sunset is the feeling I want in the interior of your private spaces. The sink-down comfort of being in your OWN space.
Let your smile shine as you enjoy learning about my passion for design. Then, you will see why we say: experience Interiors that lift your spirit™.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Reaching for the stars

The power of staying in touch in invaluable. Just recently I found myself looking for a professional photographer for a design award competition we wanted to enter. The project merit the artistic touch and eye of the best quality. For years I have admired the work of one of the best architectural photographers in Florida (Dan Forer) and simply thought of him as "inaccessible" or photographer to the stars.

Why? Well, I have always seen his work published in the best National design magazines and featuring the interiors of some of the peers I admire. Well, I thought his rates would just be out of reach.

Much to my surprise an email came from his office just weeks prior to a design contest deadline. A simple email showing their latest work and offering their services to designers. This was G-d sent, the perfect opportunity to strike gold! If his email was in any way indicating that he was looking to expand his client base or it may suggest that he has some available time, I could find myself bargaining for a great deal. Lucky for me he was receptive and he agreed to a rate within my budget.

Meeting him was quite amazing too and seeing him at work was even better. He and his finely-tuned team moved through the day in perfect harmony as if dancing to a silent Minuet, while creating art from my own creation.

Mission accomplished!

To those who fear those they admire, best to join forces and take a step for grandness. Thank you Dan for allowing me to showcase my creation in your best light!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

South for the Winter

The client’s wish list was clear but extensive. Biggest wish was for their new Southern ocean view condo to reflect the feel of their Northern home. These native Northerners shared a homebody lifestyle: a love for reading, collecting Native American artifacts, entertaining and watching television. After enjoying dinner in the open dinning room, the guests required many spaces for conversation, thus, came the evolution for the layout.
The great room needed to provide a good balance between the different areas, with ample space for circulation, while still enjoying the entire room’s energy. The juxtaposition of the fine custom cabinetry versus the cozy chenille fabric on the sofa results in a warm, homey feeling. The bar area offers a quiet corner to sip a good Scotch while playing chess. Adjacent to the bar is a pair of antique high-back chairs, with their whimsy contrast color fabrics, great for cocooning by the fireplace. Across the room the double stuffed wing back chairs are perfect for reading and conversation.

The most challenging element was the coffered lighting soffit. General, mood and task lighting are all housed in it. A Xenon lamp bright strip, hidden along the perimeter crown, sets the mood with a soft glow. Further, the color selections were set in shades derived from Nature, wheat tones contrasting fern greens. Lastly, the main focal point is the large wall unit, housing the fireplace, art collection and the remote-controlled hidden plasma screen, seen when you want it, gone when you don’t. “Here’s looking at you kid”.

Classic, elegant and inviting is how this great room feels.