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a passionate account from a South Florida award-wining interior designer who is blessed to celebrate her 20th year anniversary of designing "interiors that lift your spirit™"
Welcome! The search is finally over. That perfect marriage of understanding without words:one look, one image, a breathtaking view... Someone who will know how to interpret her client's wishes by listening to all the unsaid words, seeing the cues, perceiving the feelings with a simple gaze.
I am the lucky designer who will get to go into the personal spaces in your life, your office or home. That place you call your own, where you can be you. Your surroundings matter to me, my passion is to let the best of you shine through the space you occupy. No antiseptic rooms, catalog photo-shoot ready, rather the elegant comfort of a back porch at sunset is the feeling I want in the interior of your private spaces. The sink-down comfort of being in your OWN space.
Let your smile shine as you enjoy learning about my passion for design. Then, you will see why we say: experience Interiors that lift your spirit™.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Taking the Leap at San Antonio Best Practices Conference

Over 100 designers from across the US and Canada gather this 'leap' weekend in San Antonio, Texas. A closed, members only, Best Practices Network led by David Shepherd, is meeting at their winter conference to discuss and learn about the state of business of interior design in the current economy. The goal is to network, participate in workshops and share financial information which in turn produces the 'big' picture of the current state of the profession and where each firm stands in that profile.

The yearly companion to the open to designers Business of Design Las Vegas conference where topics have ranges from Creating your Celebrity Brand to Guerrilla Marketing.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Calatrava's City of Arts and Science, Valencia, Spain

The City of Arts and Sciences, developed by Santiago Calatrava, is a large-scale urban recreation center for culture and science which also incorporates L’Oceanogràfic, an underwater city designed by the late Felix Candela.
Quote: "A truly mind-blowing confection of some of Europe's most awesome architecture, the City of Arts and Science in Valencia is fast becoming one of Spain's top tourist attractions. This futuristic "city within a city" must surely rank as one of the world's most exciting and imaginative millennium projects. The entire complex, designed to celebrate the arrival of the 21 st century, looks as though it might have been beamed down to earth from another planet.
A must see video below will transport you now. Get ready for the 23 Century!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

You&Me for Valentines

Veuve Clicquot Loveseat by Karim Rashid Always full of surprises when it comes to creativity, innovation and projects, Veuve Clicquot has come up with another winner that embodies its unconventional, resolutely contemporary spirit - the Veuve Clicquot Loveseat by Karim Rashid. A fresh take on an 18th-century armchair, a "Toi & Moi" ring revisited as furniture, the Veuve Clicquot Loveseat is as much at home in a chic living room as on a patio. Over six feet long, four feet high and a smidgeon under three feet wide, the capacious Veuve Clicquot Loveseat symbolizes a special form of entertaining, in which a splash of color and a touch of surprise project a refreshing note of originality into your home. Numbered Limited Edition piece. So delectably Veuve Clicquot, so stylishly Karim Rashid, only the liaison of these two icons could invent such a glamorous way to sit pretty in pink. Delivery may take up to 6 weeks. A very happy Valentines for two for a mere $10,000.