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Sunday, January 11, 2009

HOT new trend: eco-friendly fireplaces

Eco-friendly fireplaces: the constraints of a traditional fireplace disappear.
Forget about red brick and fieldstone! Eco-friendly fireplaces will soon arrive in stores all wrapped up in mantelpieces of stainless steel, copper, titanium, ceramic or synthetic coatings.
Twenty years ago talk of modern, decorative and eco-friendly fireplaces would have been considered sheer madness. But in
Europe, fireplaces burning denatured ethanol are becoming much more than just an insignificant invention. It will now be making its appearance on the North American market. A truly revolutionary concept, for these fireplaces without need of vents or chimneys can be moved around a house or an apartment without any installation. Eco-friendly fireplaces heat the interior slowly without using the normal fuels such as wood, propane or electricity.

As well as being green, these fireplaces have an outstanding appearance which could revolutionize consumer behavior. With creative use of different materials, the mantelpieces of these bio-appliances are available in beautiful designs, colors and textures.

Using classic materials and restrained styles these new fireplaces will never go out of fashion. With a front of tempered glass and an enameled frame, it’s possible to hang these fireplaces on the wall as we would a painting or a plasma television. What’s more, the form, framing and the play of the flames can be personalized. This range of fireplaces will be welcomed stateside with open arms, particularly by those looking for something different.

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