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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Glass walls: an inside look

The biggest culprit in most offices are those interior rooms which have no windows. Our craving for sunlight during our workday is as imperative as oxygen to our lungs. Aside from the cultural hierarchy classification that offices with windows affords each partner and employee, the need to filter natural light throughout the office poses a challenge. Aside from the fact that we now can specify daylight corrected light bulbs which illuminate the room's color closely to natural light, there is the psychological factor of being able to see outdoors.

Hence, glass walls have played an important role in modern offices as the partition of choice.

Conference above is located alongside a window covered wall, yet towards the interior corridor fixed glazing panels infuse the sunlight.

The sales center on the right is situated in the center of a large lobby, the floor-to-ceiling glass panels act as walls providing not just delineation to the space but also an open and inviting feeling to buyers. All the architectural elements from the flooring to the dome in the ceiling follow the disappearing lines of the glass walls, thus reinforcing the perimeter.

In the image below we contrast the open element of a glass wall with an over-scaled photo lamination which creates definition of purpose in the room as well as luring buyers to peek inside and approach the sales center.
Even when the office is closed and the lobby is open after hours, the interior lighting makes for a few onlookers to stop and peek. Oh, and the montage is the talk of the building!

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