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I am the lucky designer who will get to go into the personal spaces in your life, your office or home. That place you call your own, where you can be you. Your surroundings matter to me, my passion is to let the best of you shine through the space you occupy. No antiseptic rooms, catalog photo-shoot ready, rather the elegant comfort of a back porch at sunset is the feeling I want in the interior of your private spaces. The sink-down comfort of being in your OWN space.
Let your smile shine as you enjoy learning about my passion for design. Then, you will see why we say: experience Interiors that lift your spirit™.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Commune hotel offers luxurious stay near Beijing

The Commune by the Great Wall is communal living in a lush, historic setting complete with spa and other amenities.

The Commune by the Great Wall is a hotel with award-winning architecture, a luxurious spa and, perhaps most valuable of all, a private path to a stretch of the Great Wall, one of the world's best-known landmarks.

Despite some communal aspects -- shared kitchens and living rooms in its huge villas -- the Commune by the Great Wall hardly calls to mind the money-saving, ruling class-disdaining life. Instead, it is an unforgettable weekend escape just an hour from the crowds, traffic and polluted skies of Beijing.

The Commune, now managed by the Kempinksi hotel group, calls itself a "collection of living contemporary Chinese and Asian architecture," and it won a prize at the 2002 Venice Biennale. It sits on almost 5 miles of mountain land; the 11 original villas each have four to six bedrooms and butler service. From hotels to the stadium, China wears it's finest. For this Olympic Games attention to design details shows even in the mundane objects like the lamps that light the path to the Birds Nest which echo the design of the stadium itself.

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