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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lladró Boutique opens in Tokyo

On 1st November 2002, the Spanish firm Lladró opened its first exclusive store in Tokyo, on Ginza Street, one of the most commercial and prestigious streets in the Japanese capital, where a large number of the most luxury international brands are present, such as Chanel, Prada, Loewe…

Lladró was founded in 1953 and has its headquarters in Almàssera (Valencia). This manufacturer of exclusive decorative porcelain pieces is one of Spain’s most internationally prestigious brands. Through its particular manufacturing process Lladró obtains outstanding pieces characterised by their crystalline finish and pastel tones.

Lladró Boutique Ginza store occupies 380m2, distributed on five floors. Each floor is devoted to different collections, from the most traditional to the most innovative. The third floor of Lladró’s Tokyo showroom is reserved for Lladró Privilege members. This is an innovative customer loyalty scheme created by the company in 2001. It incorporates a new service concept providing Lladró porcelain enthusiasts with even more attentive and special customer service.

Lladró has recently collaborated with internationally renowned young artists such as Jaime Hayón or Bodo Sperlein, launching completely new collections that have managed to woo a younger Japanese clientele.

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