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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spain's hotels are hot design destinations.

MSNBC /Forbes Traveler (3/25, Grant) reported, "Spain is hot," and its "hip hotels" are becoming "destinations in their own right." At Madrid's Hotel Puerta America, a $94-million, 342-room property, "the focus on design reaches is apotheosis," with "each of its 12 guestroom floors...designed by a different high-profile architect or designer." The "difference between floors is nothing short of extreme," because there was "no limit in the budget or in the use of color or materials." Another of Madrid's hip hotels is Oscar, part of the Room Mate Hotels brand owned by Enrique Sarasola. There, "hipness is surprisingly inexpensive," at about 100 euros per night. The same is true in Barcelona, where the Casa Camper is "a living experiment in eco-chic hospitality," with "bicycles hanging from the lobby's ceiling" for guests. In the Eixample quarter, Hotel Axel is "spare but chic." And, (pictured) in the Rioja wine region, "Frank Gehry continues his architectural conquest of Iberia with the jarring Hotel Marques de Riscal in Elciego." His "titanium jumble may not be to everyone's tastes," but "the sun-drenched, loft-like guestrooms are irresistible." The next hot region of Spain is Valencia, an "up-and-coming center of modern design after Bilbao."

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