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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cancer Centers: A Design Model in Patient Care

Cancer centers are quickly evolving into symbols of medical prestige and excellence. Driven by an unfortunately growing market of patients, institutions are busily bringing in experienced designers to turn these sterile, medical environments into homey, relaxing settings. Consequently, things like natural materials, full spectrum lighting, warm woods, nicer finishes, natural light, soothing colors, aquariums, and fireplaces are headlining the spec sheets of architects and interior designers.
“Patients want to be reminded of the good things in life,” this being the case, inspirational-type spaces such as “healing gardens,” water features, atriums and outside views are key. Connecting cancer patients to nature has been proven to be a powerful component of healing. In addition, with patients spending extended periods of time for treatment inside the facility, as well as returning for multiple visits, it is important to provide cancer patients with control of their environment and to incorporate positive distractions into the design, for example, artwork, colors, patterns, and unique murals lighting ceiling panels.

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