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I am the lucky designer who will get to go into the personal spaces in your life, your office or home. That place you call your own, where you can be you. Your surroundings matter to me, my passion is to let the best of you shine through the space you occupy. No antiseptic rooms, catalog photo-shoot ready, rather the elegant comfort of a back porch at sunset is the feeling I want in the interior of your private spaces. The sink-down comfort of being in your OWN space.
Let your smile shine as you enjoy learning about my passion for design. Then, you will see why we say: experience Interiors that lift your spirit™.

Friday, June 1, 2007

A tub with a view

... a fabulous addition/renovation of a zenful master bath ...

South Florida is surrounded by water and being a pisces myself, I totally understood when my client, a lovely British young athlete, wanted nothing more than a jacuzzi with a view.

After an extensive renovation we achieved our goal. Bumping out a mere three feet with a 45ยบ window was the answer to bringing the water from the InterCoastal waterways into her master bath.

Nothing melts your worries better away than a hot bath surrounded by elegant honey-onyx marble, gold plated fixtures and a parade of luxury yatchs in your view.

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